the term “limnology” is derived from the ancient greek word λίμνη (limne) meaning lake or pond

Lake Management Services


Monitoring water quality is extremely important because it varies throughout the day, day-to-day, week, month and even season.


Mapping helps to provide valuable metrics imperative to targeting plant control resources in problem areas that may not be visible from the surface.


Maintaining adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water is a critical component to sustaining healthy ecosystems in lakes and ponds. This is done by nano bubbling, aeration and oxygenation practices.

Eutrofix Pond Bacteria

We work with Naturalake Biosciences whose lab focuses on the development of three types of products: bacterial products natural to a lake or pond, biostimulants to stimulate a pond’s unique bacteria, and products to affect a plant and speed its degradation.

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What is lake management?

Lake Management Service Areas

We offer lake management consulting services to the following states, California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Utah.

map of west coast service areas for lake management
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Meet Eli – Lake Manager

Eli is a licensed Pest Control Adviser in California and has worked in the aquatic plant management industry as an applicator, a private consultant, and as a manufacturing technical representative.

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