Natural & Organic Pond Products

Beneficial Pond and Lake Bacteria Brought to You Through Our Partnerships with Reputable Companies on the Cutting Edge of Water Quality Science

pond products by naturalake biosciences

We work with Naturalake Biosciences whose lab focuses on the development of three types of products: bacterial products natural to a lake or pond, biostimulants to stimulate a pond’s unique bacteria, and products to affect a dying plant and speed its degradation.

Liquid and dry powder lake probiotic formulations are best for treating soluble nutrients and suspended organic matter in the water column. They are easily applied to lakes and ponds by spraying, pouring, or tossing the products over the surface of the water.

Pellet probiotic formulations (MD Pellets or Muckbiotics) are best for directly targeting the muck layer on the bottom of lakes and ponds that contains nutrients and organic matter. They are easily applied by broadcasting of tossing by hand over the targeted area in the lake or pond.

All the probiotic products can be used as a standalone treatment or immediately following an herbicide/algaecide treatment to replenish the microbial community. They also all contribute to reducing nutrients, improving water quality, and enhancing water clarity. However, each probiotic product’s unique qualities should be considered when deciding which product is the best for any application.

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What is lake management?

Natural ponds form over the course of time in depressions and basins on the Earth’s surface. Many factors lead to their formation such as tectonic movement, meandering rivers, former glacial zones and sinkholes. Not all naturally occurring depressions become lakes however, some become wetlands, swamps, or temporary ephemeral/vernal ponds.

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