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Why Monitoring

Successful lake management plans that deliver sustainable results must be data driven. Understanding the cause of many pond issues: odor, algae, nuisance plants, fish-kills, clarity, starts with monitoring. Understanding how your water quality varies throughout the day, day-to-day, and seasonally is vital. Professional lake managers should design an efficient, cost-effective program that will collect enough data to realize these variations over time to inform their management approach.

Recommended Monitoring with LakeTech

Our preferred brand for sondes is In-Situ as they are competitively priced, reliable, user-friendly, and have good customer service and tech support. We use this manufacturer because their equipment is designed to use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone/tablet which eliminates the need to buy an additional handheld meter to read and transmit the data.

This saves money and allows you to link GPS signals to your data. You can email, text or upload your data right from the field. No more spending time at your desk downloading and processing data.

e Limnology Monitoring Buoy

Lake Locker Water Monitoring Videos

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